We bet you have questions

Where do you deliver?

We deliver nationwide to most addresses

Can I return the products?

Due to the nature of the products, we can not accept returns at this time. However, if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the product, we will refund your money back. Just send us a picture to contact@sasyafoods.com

What kind of ingredients do you use and where do you source them from?

Our mission is to reduce food waste at all costs. So, we change our offerings based on the seasonal availability of vegetables. We source all our specialty ingredients such as tamarind and coconut from organic sources. And of course, all our ingredients are vegan. Learn more about our mission.

How long do the dips last?

We use all natural preservatives. In fact, some of the ingredients we use not only add great flavor but ensure food stays safe for longer periods. To ensure maximum food safety, we use USDA approved pressure canning. We guarantee the taste and flavor whenever you receive them at your door step. Once you open them, each spread typically lasts at least 7 days with refrigeration.