How to use Sasya Dips

We get this question frequently from our customers – how to use Sasya dips and salsas? We think all Sasya products are made to be easily consumable without any extra effort. But, who doesn’t want to add that extra jolt of flavor in your regular meals? So, here’s a how to use Sasya guide:


  • Eggs- Sasya dips go very well with eggs of any kind. Cilantro Sasya is a favorite over scrambled eggs.
  • Avocado toast- any Sasya dips would add a nice kick to your typical avocado toast, but we particularly love Sasya Peanut Coconut spread with avocado because of the different consistencies. The thickness and crunchiness of this spread adds a nice texture to creamy avocado toast.


Sasya chips and dips make the perfect snack combo when we’re in a rush. For a bigger snack, we like to add some fresh veggies into the mix and dip those in Sasya spreads, as well. For a complete snack box, you can add fruit, nuts, cheese, hard-boiled eggs, and/or olives. You could even have a whole snack plate as a meal or make a fun cheese board with Sasya chips and dips.

Some favorite veggie and dip combos (mix and match- they all go great together!):

  1. Cucumbers + Sasya Cilantro Salsa
  2. Bell peppers + Sasya Eggplant Salsa
  3. Radishes + Sasya Peanut Coconut Dip
  4. Carrots + Sasya Mango Lentil Dip



  • Sandwiches- try Sasya dips on your sandwich or wrap in place of mayonnaise or mustard. It’s a healthy, flavorful option!


  • Salads- many salad dressings have added sugars, so our dips are great alternatives to many of the dressings on the market. If you want your dressing to be creamier, you could add greek yogurt, and if you want it to be more of a vinaigrette, you could add oil or vinegar.
  • Pasta– instead of a heavy alfredo base or your typical marinara sauce, try our dips as the sauce for your pasta. This will be a unique and flavorful twist on your regular pasta dishes.


  • Marinades- whether you eat meat, fish, tofu… Sasya sauces make great marinades. You can use them as marinades by themselves, or you could add yogurt or oil to them. You can also add Sasya sauces to chicken, tofu, etc. after they’ve already cooked. Either way, your protein will have a lot of flavor.
  • Pizza/flatbread– if you’re looking to change up your usual red sauce, try using Sasya spreads. One of our favorite recipes is a flatbread with Sasya Eggplant Dip and caramelized onions.