From a tropical village in Southern India to you

Krishna was born in a farming family in rural South India. Sasya reflects his upbringing and what he longed for during many long marathon training runs. 

When Krishna came to the United States in 2007, he was amazed by the diversity of ethnic cuisine on offer and the adventurousness of people here in trying new and exciting things. However, he quickly realized a distinct simplification of Indian food and a scarcity of South Indian flavors he grew with. 

Sasya was launched in 2016, with a mission to create authentic and healthy Indian flavors – made with real food – in a nutrition packed meal replacement snacks.

Sasya in Sanskrit translates to ‘Whole’; Our spicy dips and chips are derived from the family recipes that Krishna grew up with, without any of the artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or added sugars present in comparable products found in stores today.

Here’s to real food!

What makes us different?

We are making Indian food less intimidating - by removing the primary barrier of extensive preparation and making it fun and easy to consume. And, we're making them in a just and sustainable way.

Nutrition Packed in Every Bite

Every Sasya product is made just as they’re made in the villages India – with all-natural ingredients. Sasya products contain essential vitamins, fatty acids, generous amount of protein and fiber, all while being lower calories than most comparable products. Sasya products contain no added sugars, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Flavor in Every Bite

Sasya products pack a punch that you will love. We've crafted them with blend of spices that are authentic and enjoyable without being overly dominant, so you can taste every flavor hitting your buds, leaving a pleasant after taste.sugars, artificial colors, or preservatives.

Eco-friendly in Every Bite

We reduce food waste by extending the shelf-life of fresh ingredients such as cilantro, tomato and eggplant - with a blend of spices used in the making Sasya products that have the unique ability to preserve food for extended periods of time, naturally Unlike most snack packaging that inevitably ends up in either landfills or in the oceans, Sasya products will use bio-degradable packaging. We're striving to reducing both food waste, packaging waste, reducing our carbon footprint to a minimum. That’s what we call: Good for the gut, good for the environment.

Customer Centric Design

One of our key considerations since the inception of Sasya was to think through the life cycle of the products we’re creating – particularly through the lens of customers. Every product goes through a rigorous prototyping using design thinking methodology to achieve efficiencies in assembly, user friendly packaging, visually striking branding, easy usage of the product, and post usage upcycle and recycle.


Every Sasya product is made with real ingredients that you can easily read
Sasya All Natural Gluten Free Vegan No Sugars Colors Preservatives