Spicing up Whole30 with Sasya

If you follow any food accounts on Instagram or are a foodie yourself, you’ve probably seen or heard of Whole30 – a 30-day elimination diet designed by sports nutritionist Melissa Hartwig intended to change your relationship with food. The program requires those who dare to try it to remove anything from their diet commonly linked with food sensitivities, poor sleep, disrupted hormone levels, and more. After 30 days, you begin to add these foods slowly back into your diet to determine which ones might be problematic for you by impacting how you look and feel. Overall, the program can be incredibly helpful in educating yourself on your personal relationship with food, while teaching you to be more mindful about what you eat.

So, what can and can’t you eat on Whole30? Most people eat mainly fruits and veggies, meat (with no hormones, fillers or nitrates!), eggs, fish and nuts. You cannot consume sugar, alcohol, legumes, grains, dairy, desserts, and certain additives, and even natural sweeteners. You can find a complete list of what you can and can’t eat on the Whole30 website, linked here

Since Whole30 is an elimination diet, there isn’t a lot of flexibility when it comes to ingredients, and many of the dishes you eat will start to get repetitive. If you’re thinking about trying Whole30, try spicing up your recipes with Sasya products! Sasya salsas are Whole30 compliant – we do not add any sugars, artificial colors or preservatives to our products, and our salsas are gluten and grain free. Check out our Whole30 friendly recipes below!